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Terms and Conditions of Booking

These Terms & Conditions are included on every contract.
Numbers in brackets () are referring to costs as detailed on the contract; see table below; please note that each contract is individually tailored to your needs, but these conditions remain the same for all clients.

(1) Entertainment Fee
(2) Less Discount
(3) Optional Extras
(4) Subtotal
(5) Deposit
(6) Remaining Balance

(a)This Contract must be signed and returned (either in writing or by acknowledgment email) with the above-mentioned Deposit (5) within 2 weeks of the booking. Receipt of this Contract and payment of Deposit (5) will subsequently confirm the above date(s) and time(s). No Event will be confirmed until such time that these terms have been met.

(b)Deposit (5) is non-returnable and non-transferable. This contract is declared null and void without the advanced Deposit payment (5) within 2 weeks of the booking.

(c)You may choose to pay the full contracted amount (4). If so, a signed copy of this contract will be returned to you (either in writing or by acknowledgment email).

(d)SolentSounds DJ’s are permitted to play extended times as agreed between DJ, Venue and Client, and will be charged at an enhanced hourly rate and fully payable prior to the commencement of the extended hours. Extended hours will also be subject to the approval of the Venue. Additional hours are subject to an hourly fee which will be advised directly with you.

(e)Remaining balance of payment (6) must be paid once sound checks are complete – SolentSounds operate a NO PAY NO PLAY policy – payment must be made prior to any music being played at the event. In the event of non-payment, SolentSounds reserve the right to retain original Deposit (5). Should the Event be cancelled by the Venue, the Deposit (5) will be retained – You are advised to take out event cancellation or curtailment insurance. SolentSounds DJ’s reserve the right to terminate the Event prior or during the Event, in the event of threat or perceived threat to person or equipment.

(f)Force Majeure: SolentSounds will not be liable for failing to attend a booking, where the reason for non-attendance or late arrival is caused by adverse weather conditions (including snow & flooding), road closure, road traffic accident, vehicle breakdown, fuel shortages, acts of terrorism, industrial action, or other unavoidable circumstances deemed beyond their control.

(g)Access to a minimum of two suitably maintained non-shared UK electrical points is required by the Venue. In addition to ad hoc equipment, e.g. table, chairs etc may be required.

(h)This contract, once Deposit (5) is paid and contract confirmed by the client, places SolentSounds under legal obligation to provide the requested entertainment package on the stated date and time at the above venue. By agreeing to this contract the client confirms the venue is licensed by PPL and/or PRS to play recorded music on their premises. No liability is held by SolentSounds if the proper licenses are not in place by the event date above. Civil Recovery options are in place for non-payment of any remaining balance (6).

(i) SolentSounds will make every effort to play all requests but cannot be held responsible if specific selections are not available unless ONE WEEK notice is given.

(j) Negligence and improper behaviour of guests of the client or the client themselves, the client will be responsible for recompense for any damage to our equipment caused by any of the aforementioned persons. They will be charged for the full cost of repair or replacement should the damage be due to the neglect of guests/client, inclusive of any Loss of Business due to the damaged equipment preventing further contracts being fulfilled until replaced. The aforementioned applies to venue staff also. The venue and/or client will be responsible for electrical damage to equipment as aforementioned when using the venue’s power supplies. The venue should ensure 240v 3 pin power supplies are suitably tested within the past twelve months for electrical safety.

(k)We do not accept violent, abusive or aggressive behaviour and reserve the right to terminate our services at any time that we feel our personal safety or equipment is under threat. Under such circumstances no refunds will be due.

(l) It may be necessary that we use a trusted partner company DJ to cover your event due to SolentSounds DJ illness, unavailability or major crisis that they cannot complete your event as we are only a two-person company rather than a large multi-DJ organisation. On these occasions we will pass all details to the relevant trusted company to complete your booking. Due to time constraints it may not be possible to fully inform you of this, however if you are dissatisfied with the substitution please contact us immediately by phone or email (within 24 hours of the completion of your event at the latest so we can commence a full investigation). We would rather send someone to your event than no-one and we do our best to vet all DJs we work in partnership with to ensure they meet the high standards you and we expect from SolentSounds representatives.

(m)Sound Limiters: The DJ has a right to refuse to play at a venue with a sound limiter installed. Please ask your venue if they have one installed and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us so we can explain what these devices are and how they can ruin your event.

(n) Please ensure venue allocates parking for one vehicle at the closest possible access for loading and unloading equipment (Health & Safety)

(o) Please advise if event location within venue is not on the entrance level floor.

To secure your booking a £20 non-returnable deposit, paid via Paypal, plus the issue of your contract and a Booking Form will be sent by email to you. By paying the securing deposit you are agreeing to our full terms, conditions, cancellations and method statement, at this point your booking is now legally binding and we will confirm your booking is secure with SolentSounds.
In the unlikely event you should need to complain, and we hope you never would, about our service, please do so within 24 hours of your event finishing. Ideally we would hope you would speak to your allocated DJ on the night who would do all they could to rectify the issue for you there and then. If you remain dissatisfied, please contact us on 07040 904290. We will take the details of your complaint and investigate the issue and provide you with a written response as soon as we have concluded our investigation into the issue of your complaint. Alternatively, please email us through our contact form above and we will respond to you in writing. We will fully investigate any dissatisfaction and provide you with our findings and response. We do all we can to provide the best customer service and entertainment at your event.

We may need to substitute a SolentSounds DJ for an alternative DJ from our trusted partner company. If when they arrive you are not satisfied, please call us immediately (or if an incident occurs during your event, please contact us within 24 hours of your event ending). We would rather supply a DJ to your event than not turn up at all. Please collect any evidence and send it to us (photographs; video footage) to help us in our investigation of your complaint.
On the rare occasion YOU wish to cancel your booking, you may be required to pay a cancellation fee. All bookings are secured under contract to reassure you that we will complete your event. However, as we are a small company we will turn down other clients as we are committed to your event. With that in mind the following cancellation fees will apply if you cancel (Working days are considered to be Monday to Friday only):

• Cancelled 10 or more working days before event = 0% of contracted fee will be due
• Cancelled between 9 and 5 working days before event = 25% of contracted fee will be due
• Cancelled 1 to 4 working days before event = 50% of contracted fee will be due
• Cancelled on the day of event = 100% contracted fee will be due
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